Reversal Indicators for NinjaTrader

What is trend trading without reversals? If you want to make money and keep losses low, you need to be able to predict trend reversal signals of the market. Devside Trading offers you a premium selection of the most popular and accurate Reversal Indicators for NinjaTrader 8. This platform provides a free space for day traders and brokers to make deals on futures, FX, CFDs, and stock. Whether you are a bull or a bear, these indicators are usefull for everyone trading with NinjaTrader.

All our Reversal Indicators are based on tried and tested algorithms and enhanced wtih great features to make your trading days winning days. Our indicators support smoothing, bar coloring, and alerts for values at price target regions to help you identify important events. Devside Trading is proud to be part of the NinjaTrader community: We have created top-notch indicators for the platform for a long time. With our experience and many ideas to make trading more flexible, comfortable and lucrative for you we are constantly working on designing even better indicators.

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  • Head And Shoulders Premium
  • Inside Bar Superior
  • Inverse Head And Shoulders Premium
  • Two Legged Pullback Superior

Get the Best Trend Reversal Indicator for your Strategies

A good Reversal Indicator will give you a better understanding on when trends will really change. A great Reversal Indicator will put you ahead of the pack when it comes to trend line prediction. It should indicate whenever a moving trend line comes in contact with or goes above or below a target region. Of course, your indicator needs a clever algorithm that will safe your time by doing the technical analysis for you. Whether the price is high and will make a break through or go down low: With accurate signals this won’t stay a mystery - even if you are a novice at day trading!

All our indicators have smoothing to keep out the little distracting noises of the market. Still, it won’t be a quiet day, even if you’re not looking directly at your charts and strategies. With notifications straight to your e-mail or smartphone you won’t miss any of the potential game changers.

We offer these effective features with every Reversal Indicator for NinjaTrader 8:

  • Accurate algorithm for better predictions of reversals
  • Great smoothing capabilities
  • Individual bar colouring and target regions
  • Custom alerts to your e-mail or via app for set signals

Ninjatrader Reversal Indicators: Devside’s Excellent Indicators at a Glance

Head and Shoulders

With the Head and Shoulders Indicator day traders who are starting out on technical analysis ususally meet the head and shoulders pattern as one of their first chart formations: One peak of the line goes into a through, which develops into a higher peak. This so-called head plummets into a

through that is similarly low to the first low point. The line rises again, but at a lower peak und goes down again. This pattern with two lower peaks left and right and one high peak in the middle is one of the most common formations in the zig-zag of trading lines. This means, there are a lot of variations for this pattern and a simple formula would not be sufficient to draw an accurate plot.

Inverse Head and Shoulders 

 Inverse Head and Shoulders Indicator is a Reversal Indicator that describes an opposing market movement from the head and shoulders pattern. Also called head and shoulders bottom, it signals the reversal of a bearish trend to a bullish trend. A shallow through moves into a slight peak, followed by a plummet to the head-trough. A slight peak is followed by a less deep through, which turns into an upward movement of the price line towards the resistance that lies at the high point of the throughs.

Inside Bar Pattern

 The inside bar pattern trade strategy can either show a consolidation of the market or act as a signal for a trend reversal. The great thing about inside bar pattern strategies is that they can work by just looking at two candlesticks.  Our Superior Inside Bar Pattern Indicator identifies the trend movement of several candlesticks in the direction of their movement. This saves traders a lot of time on technical analysis.

Two Legged Pullback Superior


When trading pullbacks or breakouts, it can be hard for new day traders to identify when the period is right to trade. Many inexperienced traders have stumbled into a bull trap or bear trap because they interpreted market data without considering the possibilities of false signals. The Superior Two Legged Pullback Indicator is a great tool for a reliable price actions setup.  When you are shopping for a Reversal Indicator, don’t forget to have a look at our Trend Indicators for Ninjatrader 8 - the bedrock of any trend trading strategy.

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Do you want to step up your trend trading game? Devside Trading will provide you with the tools. Our NinjaTrader Reversal Indicators will give you the edge you need on a tough market. You want more? Browse our collection of Momentum Indicators to get an overview of all our NinjaTrader Indicators!

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