NinjaTrader Trend Indicators

Trend following is certainly the most secure and most productive trading strategy for traders around the world! Whether you sell and buy every day as a professional broker or you are getting into the financial market as a day trader: Our technical analysis indicators for trending markets will take your trade experience to the next level!

Devside Trading offers you a selection of the most popular and most reliable Trend Indicators for NinjaTrader 8. Whether we are talking about a classic Bollinger, a new form of RSI or a complex Ichimoku Cloud, all indicators for trending markets were calculated and programmed by professional software engineers that have been in the NinjaTrader community for years.

Profit from the many features our Trend Indicators provide for your day-to-day trade! Our Trend Indicators support bar coloring and smoothing for a better view of the financial market over a period of time. Different alerts help you identify important events during the long trading hours. Browse our collection of state-of-the-art Trend Indicators!

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  • Bollinger Premium
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  • Fibonacci Bollinger Superior
  • Fibonacci Zone Superior
  • HAMA Superior
  • Ichimoku Cloud Superior
  • MA Crossover Superior
  • McGinley Dynamic Superior
  • NinjaTrader Ichimoku Cloud Basic
  • NinjaTrader Ichimoku Cloud Premium
  • QQE Superior
  • TDI Superior
  • Tick Distance Indicator
  • TMA Bands Superior


Find the NinjaTrader Trend Indicator for Your Trading Needs

Trend Indicators are used to make trend movements visible in financial markets. They are especially useful in trend markets. Therefore, Day traders and brokers trading in futures, FX, CFDs or stocks on the NinjaTrader 8 platform will especially benefit from these indicators. Trend Indicators in combination with oscillators and trend following indicators are a great addition to your toolbox. Want to know what you are getting into before you strike a deal? Learn more about our Trend Indicators for NinjaTrader and how each one can help you with your strategies!

Moving Average: Different Versions for Different Needs

The moving average is used for trend following indicators. One of their most important features is a certain lag behind the actual price. This helps to chart trend movements and to provide signals for traders during long-lasting trends. Compared with an oscillator, which usually has less lag, these trend following indicators provide more security from fast-growing losses. Here at Devside Trading we provide you with an interesting collection of moving averages to choose from - all of them programmed by experts who are part of the NinjaTrader developer community.

  • Bollinger indicator: The Bollinger, first conceived in the 1980s, is certainly a classic. An upper and lower price channel, consisting of the standard Deviation, form a band along the center line, the simple moving average. A great tool to track trends, watch for overbought or oversold signals and market volatility!
  • Fibonacci Bollinger: Want more from your Bollinger? We added some useful Fibonacci Retracement values to calculate support and resistance lines. This helps you to spot the signal of a turning trend.
  • HAMA: The Heiken Ashi Moving Average is a great Trend Indicator for the big events, since it filters out small trading days and most of the market noise. This sleek indicator makes the strength of trends visible through the use of candle size, wicks and shadows to make the next trend change signal easier to see. Interested? Try combining it with the Ichimoku Cloud Indicator for even better results!
  • Moving Average Crossover: For those who like to trade with more than one moving average, this indicator allows you to add two! Select your data series depending on your preferences and receive alerts when the moving averages cross!
  • McGinley indicator: This moving average is made to move at the speed of the market. Therefore, it helps traders to apply moving averages more appropriately. Another helpful feature is that it can account for any gaps that may occur between chart lines and prices. This is a truly reliable indicator to spot a signal and profit from it.
  • TMA Bands: This Trend Indicator gives you a more stable plotting line by averaging the sum of the simple moving average. The lower and upper band are calculated from the average true range (ATR)

Ichimoku Cloud Indicator

 The Ichimoku Cloud is a technical analysis indicator that combines 5 plots to visualize market data. The different lines are supported by the Cloud, which shows the support and resistance levels of the market. The Ichimoku Cloud Indicator is a great indicator that signals trend and momentum directions.


Tick Distance


NinjaTrader 8 has many great tools available through its vibrant community. When you are using the Ruler Drawing Tool, take advantage of this great Trend Indicator: The Tick Distance indicator measures the distancebetween any two points on the chart in ticks.


More than RSI: Our QQE Indicator


The Relative Strength Index (RSI) was first introduced in the 1970s. The RSI measures the sizes of the most recent price changes for any asset. This way an oversold or overbought asset can be identified. This shows that, soon, the trend may change, and it’s time to buy or sell. Our QQE Indicator provides a 14-Period RSI, smoothed via a 5-Period EMA, to create the QQE line. Further smoothing gives you a great line with barely any market noise.


The Benefits of a Trend Indicator for NinjaTrader 8 by Devside Trading

Get the most out of your trade by using professionally designed and smoothed indicators. All indicators by Devside Trading offer accurate plot lines and are fully compatible with NinjaTrader 8. Our Premium Trend Indicators offer even more convenience and the ability to trade anywhere, anytime. Don’t miss these great features:

  • Plot smoothing from the top 9 moving averages
  • Arrow markers depending on trending signals for better strategies
  • Sound alerts for trend changes during a trade: react quicker to buy or sell
  • Waiting for the right time? Get e-mail or push alerts to your phone, even popup window alerts
  • Adjust the bar coloring for trend changes

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