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Devside Trading Email Share Service

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Never miss out on a good trade again with our Email Share Service.

Introducing our Email Share Service: Stay ahead of the market with our convenient and efficient alert delivery system. With our service, you'll receive timely trading alerts directly to your email inbox, ensuring that you never miss out on important market opportunities.

This alert add-on allows you to set customized triggers such as price which will instantly notify you via email. Alerts are easy to set up, offer a variety of options and will work with any email address. Select the information you need, and how you want it to be presented to you. 

  •  ✅ Customizable email notifications for your trading strategies
  •  ✅ Send NinjaTrader alerts directly to your Email address
  •  ✅ Easy setup and installation
  •  ✅ Instant notifications
  •  ✅ Keep track of your alerts even when you're not on your computer 

Reliable, customizable and easily set up - Email Share Service will complete your trading strategy and workflow.

Don't miss out on profitable trading opportunities. Join our Email Share Service today and start receiving high-quality alerts that will enhance your trading strategy and keep you ahead of the game. Subscribe now and take your trading to new heights with Devside Trading.

If you are more of a mobile user, the app Trado Alert will be another go-to-choice.

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