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Devside Trading offers you a selection of the most popular and valued NinjaTrader Volume Indicators. Volume indicators are mathematical formulas that are visually represented in the most popular trading platforms. Traders should use those indicators which are the best for their particular approach to the market.

These indicators are for everyone trading with NinjaTrader – no matter whether one is a pro or a novice. These Volume Indicators are often combined with other indicators like
Trend Indicators or Reversal Indicators. Our technical analysis tools for trending markets will take your trade experience to the next level!

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  • Volume Delta
  • Volume Profile Premium
  • VWAP Superior

For Your Trading Needs: The Benefits of Our Volume Profile Indicators

Our NinjaTrader Volume Indicators also support bar coloring, smoothing and alerts to help you identify important events during the long trading hours. Most look specifically at buying vs. selling pressure to determine which side is in control of price action. Others attempt to identify emotions that are moving the security in a particular time window. New highs or lows on decreasing volume may signal an impending reversal in the prevailing price trend.


Volume Delta Indicator

Volume Delta Superior

The Volume Delta Superior indicator demonstrates the distinction between buying and selling pressure. In its own panel, the indicator depicts the pressure as colored bars.

Volume Profile Indicator

Volume Profile

The Volume Profile indicator is a powerful charting instrument that illustrate trade activity over a defined period of time at specified cost levels. On the chart, the indicator displays a histogram that identifies dominant or important price levels based on volume.




VWAP Indicator

VWAP Superior

When calculating the average price for a trading session, the VWAP indicator takes the session's traded volumes into consideration. The larger the traded volume, the greater the impact on VWAP estimates. The VWAP indicator assists in determining the market session's trend. The market is in an uptrend when the price is above the VWAP line; when the price is below the VWAP line, it is in a downtrend.



All about the Volume Indicators for NinjaTrader 8

Volume is utilized by traders to estimate liquidity, and changes in volume are coupled with technical indicators to make the correct trading decisions. Ascending markets on increasing volume are often considered as strong and healthy, thus volume indicators can imply market strength. When prices decline on growing volume, the downward trend is gaining strength.

All of our NinjaTrader Volume Indicators are established on tested algorithms and improved with fantastic features to make your trading days successful. To assist you in identifying critical occurrences, our indicators support smoothing, bar coloring, and alerts for values at price target regions. Furthermore, different alerts help you identify important events during the long trading hours.

NinjaTrader App

  • Built for NinjaTrader 8
  • Candlestick charts with added plot
  • Suitable for trading equities, forex and futures
  • Easy to read for new traders & comprehensive data for experienced brokers
  • Custom alerts for your convenience: as sound alert, via e-mail or directly on the Trado Alerts app


We have already provided excellent indicators for the platform and we are continually working on producing even better indicators. With our knowledge and our ideas we are trying to make trading more flexible, comfortable, and profitable for you. Devside Trading is excited to be a part of the NinjaTrader community.



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