Data Export

Many traders demanded solutions to save their NinjaTrader data. We obliged and created a data export solution. 

Introducing Devside Trading's Drawing Region Export tool, a powerful NinjaTrader plugin designed to simplify your trading analysis and improve your decision-making process. With this tool, exporting your chart drawings and regions into a neat CSV file for further analysis in Excel and Google Sheets becomes effortless.

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  • Drawing Region Export


This feature-rich tool offers numerous benefits, including the ability to save your drawn regions, easy installation and setup, and compatibility with NinjaTrader 8. By utilizing Drawing Region Export, you can preserve your region drawing efforts and ensure that no historical data is lost, enabling you to make more informed decisions based on past analysis.

By adding a new button to your NinjaTrader layout, Drawing Region Export allows you to export the low and high values of ALL "Region Highlight Y" Drawing Tools on your chart. The plugin is fully customizable, giving you the freedom to choose the preferred folder for saving the exported file.

Experience the power of this indispensable tool today. Try Drawing Region Export and take your trading analysis to the next level.