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The VWAP indicator calculates the trading session average price while taking into account the traded volumes of the session. The larger the volume traded the bigger the impact on the VWAP calculations.

VWAP indicator helps to identify the trend of the market session. While the price is above the VWAP line the market is in an uptrend; while the price is below the VWAP line the market is in a downtrend.

Our version of the VWAP indicator also offers up to 4 Support and Resistance Levels. 

The VWAP  is a must-have indicator for everyone trading with NinjaTrader - no matter whether one is a pro or a novice. 

Institutional buyers and algorithms will often use VWAP to plan entries and initiate larger positions without disturbing the stock price.

  •  Plot VWAP and Support & resistance levels 

  •  Reset VWAP and Volume after end of the respective trading hours
  • Adds plot to candlestick charts

  • For futures, forex & equities trading 

  • Fitting experienced & new traders

  • ✅ Fully compatible with NinjaTrader 8

  • Arrow markers on Positive VWAP and Negative VWAP

  • Trend signals for the following states: 

     5 = above R4
     4 = from R3 to R4
     3 = from R2 to R3
     2 = from R1 to R2 
     1 = from VWAP to R1
    -1 = from VWAP to S1
    -2 = from S1 to S2
    -3 = from S2 to S3
    -4 = from S3 to S4
    -5 = below S4;


  • Sound Alerts: Set sound alerts for trend changes

  • Email Alerts: Receive alerts via Mail for trend changes

  • PopUp AlertsDisplay alerts as popup window for trend changes 

  • Push AlertsReceive alerts for trend changes directly on your phone with our free Trado Alerts app available on the App Store and Play Store.

  • Plot smoothing:  Select from 1 of top 9 moving averages to smooth the VWAP plots

  • ✅ Bar coloring:  Enables bar coloring for negative and positive VWAP

As part of their trading routines, traders spent a good amount of time on technical analysis of candlestick charts. 

The VWAP helps speed the routine up by visualizing averages into a readable plot where prices above the VWAP reflect a bullish sentiment and prices below the VWAP reflect a bearish sentiment 

Often used in combination with our Ichimoku Cloud and FREE Stochastic Momentum Index.

Made in Germany