Fibonacci Zone Superior
Fibonacci Zone Superior
Fibonacci Zone Superior

Fibonacci Zone Superior

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The Fibonacci Zone Superior Indicator is a Donchain Channel which is calculated by the highest high and the lowest low of the last n periods. It plots Four Fibonacci Lines including High Border Line and Low Border Line. Also colored three of the five ensuing zones in suggestive colors. Fibonacci zones act either as supports or resistance.

  • ✅ Based on proven technical analysis of charts

  • ✅ Show trend reversals

  • ✅ Suitable for all types of traders and investors

  • ✅ Easily set up

  • ✅ Full customization including colours

  • ✅ Fully compatible with NinjaTrader 8

  • ✅ Drawing arrow marker when the price crosses one of the Support or Resistance lines

  • Cross Region signals for the following states:

    • Price above High Line Border = -3
    • Price above High Fibonacci Line = 2
    • Price above Center High Fibonacci Line = 1
    • Price above Center Low Fibonacci Line = 0
    • Price below Center Low Fibonacci Line = -1
    • Price below Low Fibonacci Line = -2
    • Price below Low Line Border = -3

  • Sound Alerts : Set sound alerts for upper cross, lower cross, inside cross

  • Email Alerts : Receive  alerts via Mail for upper cross, lower cross, inside cross

  • PopUp AlertsDisplay  alerts as popup window for upper cross, lower cross, inside cross 

  • Push AlertsReceive  alerts for upper cross, lower cross and inside cross directly on your phone with our free Trado Alerts app available on the App Store and Play Store .     

  • Plot smoothing:  Select from 1 of top 9 moving averages for smoothing of the High and Low series

  • Bar coloring:  Enables bar coloring for down and up trends

Often used in combination with our Ichimoku Cloud and FREE Stochastic Momentum Index.

Made in Germany