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QQE Indicator for NinjaTrader 8: Quantitative Qualitative Estimation Indicator

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The Quantitative Qualitative Estimation (QQE) indicator is based on Wilders famous Relative Strength Index (RSI). The QQE Indicator usually uses a 14-Period RSI which is then smoothed with an 5-Period EMA to create the QQE plot. The QQE is further smoothed with 27-Period EMA and multiplied by 4.236 one of most used percentage ratios based on the Fibonacci sequence.

In our version you can adjust the periods to your liking. It also offers further smoothing and alerts.

With the QQE signals you can determine trend shifts within the chart, from there on you can decide if you should buy or sell. Furthermore it detects overbought and oversold positions of the current market.

The Quantitative Qualitative Estimation Indicator is one of our favorite trend indicators and therefore listed in our market trading indicators for NinjaTrader 8!


Download the QQE Indicator by Devside Trading for NinjaTrader 8 today!

✅ Features

  • ✅ Plots the QQE Line

  • ✅ Plots the slow trailing line

  • ✅ Helps to determine trend direction

  • ✅ Suitable for all types of traders and investors

  • ✅ Easily set up

  • ✅ Full customization including colours

  • ✅ Fully compatible with NinjaTrader 8

  • ✅ Arrow Markers, Sound Alerts, Signals

  • ✅ Drawing arrow marker when the trend direction changes and when QQE and the slow trailing line cross

  • Cross signals for the following states: Signal State = 2 for QQE Above the upper line, Signal State = 1 for QQE Above the middle line, Signal State = -1 for QQE below the middle line, Signal State = -2 for QQE below the lower line

  • RSI Period: sets the period for the RSI

  • MA: sets the Moving Average for the RSI smoothing

  • RSI Smoothing: sets the period for the Moving Average for the RSI

  • Sound Alerts: Set sound alerts for when the trend direction changes and when QQE and the slow trailing line cross

  • Email Alerts: Receive alerts via Mail for when the trend direction changes and when QQE and the slow trailing line cross

  • PopUp Alerts: Display alerts as popup window for when the trend direction changes and when QQE and the slow trailing line cross 

  • Push Alerts: Receive alerts for when the trend direction changes and when QQE and the slow trailing line cross directly on your phone with our free Trado Alerts app available on the App Store and Play Store.

  • Smoothing Method:  Select from 1 of top 9 moving averages to further smooth the QQE and the slow trailing Line

  • Bar coloring:  Enables bar coloring for when the trend direction changes and when QQE and the slow trailing line cross


The QQE indicator is a must-have indicator for everyone trading with NinjaTrader - no matter whether one is a pro or a novice. It consists of two lines – the smoothed RSI and the slow trailing line, the QQE is more versatile than one-line momentum indicators like the RSI and CCI. With the QQE Indicator download you get an indicator that shows trend directions and changes.

By validating the QQE signals, it can help guide you to stay longer in a trade or wait a bit longer before entering at the beginning of a potential trend. As part of their trading routines, traders spent a good amount of time on technical analysis of candlestick charts and the QQE Indicator helps you identify important trend changes.


One of our favorite volume indicators, the Volume Delta Profile indicator, provides a more thorough examination. You may also use it in conjunction with one of our momentum indicators, like the Stochastic Oscillator Superior indicator, to get a more precise estimate of how long a price shift will last. You can assess the strength of a bullish or bearish market using this combination.


With the QQE Indicator download you are using one of the most reliable techincal analysis tool, but be sure to check out our other trend indicators!

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Over a certain time period, the Heikin Ashi Moving Average (HAMA) plots an entirely new set of bars. The bars are divided into two categories: uptrend and downtrend. The Heikin Ashi Candles vividly show the trend shift, allowing you to determine whether to purchase or sell.

Fibonacci Zone Superior

The highest high and lowest low of the previous n periods are used to calculate the Donchain Channel that represents the Fibonacci Zone Superior Indicator. Four Fibonacci lines, including the high and low borderlines, are plotted. Additionally, three of the five subsequent zones were colored in oblique ways. Fibonacci zones function as either supports or resistance.


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