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Premium Bollinger Indicator: NinjaTrader 8 Bollinger Bands

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Exploring the Bollinger Bands: What Benefits Does the Premium Bollinger Indicator Provide?

The Bollinger Bands, developed by John Bollinger in the 1980s, are widely recognized as a popular and effective technical analysis tool. They offer valuable insights into price movements and volatility, providing traders with a unique advantage.

This indicator consists of three lines: the upper and lower bands surrounding the Simple Moving Average (SMA). These bands represent two standard deviations from the SMA, revealing crucial support and resistance levels. By downloading the premium Bollinger Indicator, you gain access to these powerful features and enhance your trading capabilities.

The Bollinger Premium Indicator is one of our favorite trend indicators and therefore featured in our NinjaTrader 8 Market Trading Indicators!


Download the Bollinger Premium Indicator by Devside Trading for NinjaTrader 8 today!

 Premium Features

  • ✅ Based on proven technical analysis of charts

  • ✅ Shows trend reversals

  • ✅ Suitable for all types of traders and investors

  • ✅ Easily set up

  • ✅ Full customization including colours

  • ✅ Fully compatible with NinjaTrader 8

  • ✅ Premium features: Arrow Markers, Sound Alerts, Signals

  • ✅ Drawing arrow marker when High crosses the Upper Band, when Low crosses the Lower Band, when High and Low crosses inside the Bands

  •  Cross Region signals for the following states: Above Upper Band = 1, inside Bands = 0, below Lower Band = -1

  •  Period: sets the period for Premium Bollinger and SMA

  •  Number of standard deviations: sets the number of standard deviations used by the Premium Bollinger

  •  Sound Alerts: Set sound alerts for upper cross, lower cross, inside cross

  •  Email Alerts: Receive alerts via Mail for upper cross, lower cross, inside cross

  •  PopUp Alerts: Display alerts as popup window for upper cross, lower cross, inside cross 

  •  Push Alerts: Receive alerts for upper cross, lower cross and inside cross directly on your phone with our free Trado Alerts app available on the App Store and Play Store.

❌ Superior features
  • ❌  Moving Average:  Select from 1 of top 9 moving averages to calculate the Bollinger Bands

  • ❌  Plot smoothing:  You can also select an additional moving average for smoothing of the Bollinger Bands

  • ❌  Bar coloring:  Enables bar coloring for down and up trends

Discover the Power of the Premium Bollinger Indicator and More!

Now is the perfect time to enhance your trading strategy with the Premium Bollinger Indicator and gain insights into the latest price trends. This reliable technical analysis tool can provide valuable information about market trends. The widening or narrowing of the Bollinger Bands® indicates volatility caused by strong trends. When the bands squeeze due to low volatility and narrow lines, it often signals an upcoming significant upward or downward movement.

For a more comprehensive analysis, consider our VWAP Superior indicator, a favorite volume indicators, or combine it with momentum indicators like the Ichimoku Cloud Superior to accurately gauge market price changes.

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In addition to the Bollinger Premium Indicator, we offer a range of other useful trend indicators:

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Experience the Premium Bollinger Indicator and More from Devside Trading!

Download the Bollinger Premium Indicator today to benefit from alerts and trend change notifications. Simply add the indicator to your cart, provide the necessary information at checkout, and choose a secure payment method. Upon completion, we will send you a confirmation email with an activation code to safely download the Bollinger Premium Indicator.

If you require assistance with activating your product or using the indicator in our App, consult our helpful activation guide. Explore our additional offerings, including the exciting NinjaTrader App and e-mail share service.

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