Devside Trading Mail and Push Share Service: Enhancing Communication and Market Outreach
Drive More Traffic and Conversions with Devside Trading's Mail and Push Share Service
Achieve Marketing Success with Devside Trading's Mail and Push Share Service
Efficient Mail and Push Share Service for Seamless Communication by Devside Trading

NinjaTrader App & Email

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At Devside Trading, we offer a unique combination of Trading Alerts and an Email Service to keep you informed about the latest market opportunities. Our NinjaTrader App ensures that you receive timely notifications and alerts directly on your smartphone or within the app itself. Stay connected to the market in real-time and seize trading opportunities wherever you are.

In addition to the app, our reliable Email Service delivers alerts straight to your inbox, providing you with essential trade signals and expert insights. Even when you're away from your trading station, our Email Service ensures that you never miss out on important updates and opportunities.

Notification App - Trado Alert is your mobile app companion for NinjaTrader. Get full access to your NinjaTrader mail and push alerts on the go and stay on top of your trading strategy. Easily connected to NinjaTrader via QR code. Stay connected to NinjaTrader wherever you are.

  • ✅ Connects via QR code
  • ✅ Fully compatible with NinjaTrader 8
  • ✅ Receive fully customizable notifications to your smartphone
  • ✅ Receive Email alerts for conditions set in NinjaTrader
  • ✅ Custom push notifications
  • ✅ Notifications include screenshots from NinjaTrader
  • ✅ Instant alerts
  • ⏲️ The alerts are retained on our server for a day

Experience the power of our Trading Alerts and Email Service by downloading the NinjaTrader App and subscribing to our services. Take your trading to the next level with Devside Trading, staying informed and making confident decisions based on the latest market information. Join us today and enhance your trading journey with our comprehensive range of tools and services.

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➡️ NinjaTrader App

Requires free Notification App - Trado Alert.

➡️ Get the Notification App - Trado Alert on your preferred App Store:
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